Future Of Online Dating, Technological Changes And Advancements

Technology evolves quickly with new adaptations to current forms every year, too obviously revolutionary new changes. This has an impact on so many areas of our lives from the way we consume news to the way we book our airline tickets or go about our xmas shopping. An area that has definitely been affected by technological advancements is dating. In the last Two decades, dating sites have become exponentially within their popularity to the extent that they are now seen as a completely mainstream way of meeting potential partner. Most people who’ve been single for just about any prolonged period of time purchased or at best experimented with an online dating site, and Wired magazine’s prediction in 2002 that online dating will be an integral part of a single person’s life now seems slightly underwhelming in its accuracy.

The dating sites themselves use a whole selection of technological gimmicks to help people navigate their way round the database as well as give them interesting ways to contact other dating members. From email to instant messaging and SMS, the sites came quite a distance, but how might the coming of technology affect dating sites later on? One emerging concept that may be incorporated into online dating is virtual dating. This idea is a mix between online gaming and online dating, with users creating an avatar and then interacting with the avatars of other users in a 3D virtual environment that may resemble a actual life dating scenario, such as a beach within the Caribbean or a café in Paris. The biggest draw with this concept and just how it could be applied to dating is that it allows users to interact with one another more directly, exploring the rapport they have with folks instead of just reading a description to evaluate compatibility. The esteemed periodical, Scientific American labeled this idea as ‘the next thing in online dating’. This type of dating has yet to be made mainstream, however it would appear that its being widely discussed and many well know dating brands are considering its viability.

Another technology advance that could make a direct effect is video dating. Video dating was attempted in the past but never became fully mainstream. However, with the popularity of the new iPhone 4.0 and other smart phones a large number of users now have access to good quality video messaging at no additional cost. Some websites have started to make use of this technology, such as VisualFriend.com which brands itself as ‘World’s First FaceTime Community for iPhone users.

The future seems to be full of possibility of emerging types of online dating. It will likely be interesting to see which forms the dating sites occupy.

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