Frustrated With Getting Your Exgirlfriend Back?

Have things been tough and you’re about to give up on the thought of getting your exgirlfriend or exwife back? Has your ex just been ignoring you or has she quit talking to you? Does she seem to be drifting further away from you instead of drawing closer to you as you try to do everything in your power to get her back?

While you might feel like giving up and think that you have done everything possible to get her back perhaps it’s a matter of not doing the right things to cause your ex to change her mind about you and your relationship. Most guys do the same old lame things to try to get their ex back. They try being nice or talking to their ex about the problems in their relationship or they promise to change. I am sorry to say that although these things might make sense to you they will never cause your ex to change her mind.

Logic? Since When Did Logic Come Into The Equation? – I don’t have to tell you that women aren’t always logical and your ex is no exception. Women might like to say that they are level headed and that they make the best decisions based upon facts and what makes the most sense but the truth is that most women make decisions based upon how they feel about something. They are more “heart based” in their decisions than guys but they can still spin that stuff and make you believe that it was a carefully thought out decision that they made based upon facts.

So, it should make sense to you that if you can hit her in the heart you can get her to change her mind, right? All the talk in the world isn’t going to get her to feel something for you buddy! No amount of therapy or words saying that you’re going to change are going to do you a bit of good if you are serious about getting your ex back. As a matter of fact, all this talking and promising turns her off and bores her to death and, you guessed it, makes her feel that she made the right decision in dumping you.

So How Do I Hit Her Where It Hurts? – How can you talk to her heart and make her feel something for you again? How can you get her to think about you the way that she once did and fall in love with you all over again? Well, to begin with it’s going to take some time for you to let things cool off with all the damage that you have probably done in your attempts to try to get her back. A period of no contact or just putting some time and space between you and your ex will benefit you a great deal in your quest to get her back.

Some time apart will give her the opportunity to begin to miss you and actually think about the decision that she has made. If you have been in contact with her on a regular basis she hasn’t really had the opportunity to be lonely or miss you… at least not the guy that she fell in love with. Give her a little bit of time before moving forward with your plan to focus on her heart and making her feel something for you again. In a short while the bad memories from the end of your relationship and the pathetic stuff that you have done to try to get her back will fade and she will be more receptive to talking with you… and she might even reach out to you in a moment of weakness, so be prepared.

When the time does come to begin talking with her again you need to have a game plan together. You need to know how to get her to want you again and begin to feel those warm fuzzy feelings that women go nuts over. Without that you’re pretty much dead in the water and without a plan you run the risk of falling back into the rut that led to your breakup or the patterns of behavior that caused her to back off even further after your breakup.

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