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If you are going through the pain of a relationship break-down at this time, I feel for you, I have been where you are at this moment and I understand how awful it is. One minute the relationship is ‘Hunky Dory’ and the next – wham! Your life has been flipped inside-out. What on Earth Happened? Why didn’t I notice something had been wrong? What are you going to do now? Right now, you’re going to do nothing at all – nothing except get your feelings in order – you’ll need to be able to think straight. You’ve got a bit of work to do if you want to discover get him back once again.

If you’re thinking of going back to him, pleading and begging stop right now! – Have some respect for yourself girl! Good sense should tell you this will have the opposite effect. Do you really wish to give him the impression that you’re an emotional, desperate female? Don’t you feel that would be the epitome of unattractiveness? And also let’s say he starts to think of you as some sort of neurotic mad woman – You will have damaged your chances then. Therefore that’s why you ought to leave him by himself for a few weeks until you calm down and can see sense again.

Do these questions keep popping into your thoughts?: Why do males leave good women? As well as why do males leave a good relationship? Before you answer these questions, you need to understand a small bit about males. Men think completely different to women, for instance when a man spends considerable time at work, women may think he’s becoming self-centered, however to a man he’s fulfilling his role as a provider and building a secure future for his family. Women however place their own relationships first and think that their men should be too – this can cause problems. This is actually just one small difference, and this may cause problems, so think what may happen when many differences get together, that is why learning more about the way males think is actually a very good idea.

If a man stops being physically attracted to a women, there’s a fairly good chance he will leave when the going gets tough. I hate to admit it but I’ve done this myself – you start Yes I am sure it can be okay to wear your pj’s in the house sometimes, but when you start to live in them (and I’ve actually noticed mothers wearing pajamas when dropping their children off at school) then it begins to cause a problem. Men also become less attracted to their partners whenever they gain a lot of weight – I’m not saying just a couple pounds here. I realize this will likely sound a little bit unjust, however look on the bright side, at least it’s a thing you can do something about.

Right this is your first lesson on what men want and don’t want – don’t think this is all there is to learn though, this is just the beginning.

What do men want most of all? They want a woman to make them FEEL GOOD. That’s the gist of it so if you’ve been constantly nagging and complaining, you know what you’ve been doing wrong. It’s easy to make a guy feel good – just shower them with praise and admiration to keep their big ego topped up, No man likes being bored – relationships should have a certain amount of fun and spontaneity in it. Never, never, nag a man, they can only take so much. Men hate being suffocated, they need their own space sometimes as do you. What do men want from a woman?

– No. 1 All a man wants from a relationship is to FEEL GOOD – simple!
– No. 2 Men need to be shown appreciation.
– No. 3 No man would be happy without affection, admiration and praise.
– No. 4 Men like to have some space – it’s quite normal for a man to want to go off on his own sometimes.
– No. 5 They hate being nagged, and lets face it some women are experts at this.
– No. 6 It makes them unhappy to think that they’ve let you down.
– No. 7 Most men find clingy, needy women a big turn off.
– No. 8 A sex starved man is an unhappy man.

Here’s just a few facts on what kind of women men like and dislike:

– 1 To make a man FEEL GOOD, give them praise and admiration, let them know they’re appreciated.
– 2 Men like a woman to be proud of, so don’t underestimate how important your physical appearance can be.
-3 It’s important to have fun and spontaneity in a relationship because all men like a bit of excitement.
– 4. Men like time for themselves – of course a selfish man would take this a step to far but it’s quite normal for a guy to want to spend a day with the lads occasionally.
– 5 It should be obvious, but men need a healthy loving sexual relationship.
– 6 The male ego can be deeply hurt if they feel that they can’t live up to a woman’s expectations.
-7 Men cant cope with being nagged at constantly..

Hopefully you’ll have picked up a few tips about the way men think by now and perhaps it will have given you an insight into what went wrong with your own relationship. Now you have some advice, it’s time to start making some improvements. I hope the above points have enlightened you and that you realize that you still have a lot to learn before you can consider a reconciliation with your ex.

It’s time now to learn such things as ‘what makes a man bored in a relationship’, and ‘what makes his ideal woman.’ Next you’ll be finding out how to satisfy a man’s needs and wants, then the next step is learning get him back.

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