Eye Injuries. A Short Guide Through The Problem

Besides the fact that you kill your vision by sitting at the computer daily during many hours, it has many other problems. By good fortune, most of them can fix at home, without the use of a scalpel and a local anesthetic. Instructions how to do it are written below.

1. Redeye

The reasons: a) you gazed at the high-frequency image

b) you were crying

c) you are suffering from allergies,

d) without the knowledge of others violated the Criminal Code article “on possession and distribution of drugs”.

What to do: Go to the pharmacy and ask there hypromellose or polyvinyl alcohol. They are sold without a prescription and actually help – moisten the eyes, relieve burning and inflammation. It’s better to postpone the eye drops such as Visine until the next time – they only temporary take away the redness and cause the habituation effect.

2. Scratches

The reasons: You had a fight with a girl or didn’t feed a cat in time.

What to do: If you damage the cornea you should beware of germs, which can penetrate into the eye from the eyelid. Therefore, close your eyes for ten minutes – if the pain, redness and other symptoms still persist, take a clean handkerchief and run to the optometrist.

3. See double

The reasons: Tired eyes can look in different directions, making an image that you see blurry, bifurcate and indistinct.

What to do: Take a pencil. Start to write something holding it in front of you. At the same time try to focus the mind on the words that you write. Now approach the eye to a pencil and do the same. This exercise is carried out by the short-sighted – it helps them to “tune” the correct display of visible objects in both eyes.

4. Tearing eyes

The reasons: Either some subtle stimulus (smoke, onions) is near you or the tear duct is blocked, the tears stopped to accumulate in it and now they are coming through the eyes. Or it is the banal conjunctivitis.

What to do: Warm compresses on the eyes (to relieve irritation), dark sunglasses on the face (to protect against wind and dust), antibiotics (to treat conjunctivitis).

5. Inflammation of the eyelid

Simply saying, a sty. Extremely unpleasant thing.

The reasons: There are sebaceous glands in the eyelids. The inflammation may occur at the overcooling of the organism or immunity decrease, and as a result an unpleasant thing appears on the eyelid.

What to do: boil calendula flowers in water and wash the eyes with warm decoction, burn the place of the sty with a green antiseptic. If the sty does not run its course and an obvious abscess is formed – in any case do not squeeze it out, you should visit a doctor. If there is no doctor around – you need to buy tetracycline or erythromycin ointment for the eyes at the pharmacy and lay it on the aching eyelid.

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