Best Kisses For Every Season

Kissing is a natural expression of fondness and love. There are several types of kisses in terms of the social situation you are in. However, the kisses associated with being in love with your partner are the best there is. There are several kinds of kisses that you can try before you discover one that best suits you and gives your partner pleasure.

The Angel kiss is one for girls of all ages. You can give this to your little daughter or to your wife as this is the most comforting of them all. All you have to do is lightly kiss the eyelids or right next to the eyes.

If you like to experiment, then you can place an ice-cube in your mouth and kiss your partner. Try passing the cube from mouth to mouth with your tongue or even French kissing. The sensation is utterly erotic. If you are up for a bit of messiness and sweetness, then you could try the same thing with a bit of soft chocolate. The sensations created are great and the sweetness in your mouths heightened.

Best kisses do not necessarily have to be on the lips alone. Try to gently nip and suck on the earlobe of your partner. Be sure not to make loud sucking noises as this can get really irritating. A kiss on the forehead is comforting as well.

You can also approach your partner from behind and give her neck a gentle lick and the pepper her neck with small kisses. This works really well to build intimacy. Just remember to be gentle. If you are too rough you will ruin the pleasure from your partner.

When you are giving a foot kiss, start with the toes and gently nibble on them. Feet are one of the most erogenous parts of human body. Massaging the base of the foot can heighten the sensations. If you do this properly, I promise, your partner will beg for more?

For more erotic kisses, you can ask your partner to lie on your lap. Bend forward and French kiss your partner. Suck a bit on the lower lip. Women tend to enjoy the sensations involved. The French kiss also goes by the name of soul kiss and involves a lot of tongue.

It is believed the intimacy involved actually allows for breath the pass between two partners. The hickey kiss is where you leave a mark on your partner?s body. Draw suck or nibble so hard as to draw blood though.

Kisses are often meant to lead to something more erotic. Be gentle when you are kissing. You don?t want to come across as a vampire. Gentler your kisses are more sensational experience your partner will get.

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