Benefits Of Not Letting Your Girlfriend Move In With You

You’ve been with your girlfriend for a while now and everything seems to be going just fine. You like spending time with her and the natural inclination is to allow her to move in with you. You know that she will more than likely say yes to moving in with you. The thing is… are YOU ready to have your girlfriend move in to your place?

Even if you already spend so much time together that it seems like you already live together, it’s still not quite the same as actually sharing a residence with your girlfriend. As it stands right now, your home is your home. You don’t have to ask her opinion on where you want to move the couch, what food you want to stock in the refrigerator or any of the other little things that you are going to have to get input from your girlfriend if you allow her to move in with you.

Before you go ahead with the decision to move in with your girlfriend, you may want to consider the benefits of not doing this, because once the two of you move in with each other… you cannot exactly go back in time, can you? While there are many benefits to living with your girlfriend, there are many benefits to not moving in together as well.

Here are some of the benefits of not letting your girlfriend move in with you:

1) You don’t have to ask her whether or not its okay to put up your favorite Green Bay Packers memorabilia.

If you are a big sports fan or you have some other interest, you may end up having a conflict with your girlfriend about this. Just imagine that you get that jersey that you always wanted to hang up on the wall and your girlfriend says that it does not go with the rest of the decor of the apartment. Get ready for an argument if you try and stand your ground. This is one of the more overlooked aspects of moving in together. More than likely, you are going to have to allow her to have the final say on how the place looks. Ouch!

2) You can keep your refrigerator stocked just the way you like it.

So, the guys are coming over on Friday night for yet another fun filled poker night and guess what you find in the refrigerator? Instead of it being stocked with ice cold brews, it’s fully stocked with non fat light yogurt! This is another thing that you are going to have to deal with. Gone is the man refrigerator filled with all of the things that guys like and in comes the refrigerator filled with all of the salads, the yogurts, and the diet beverages.

3) You don’t have to talk about your day at work the minute you walk in the door.

Living together is a lot like being married and when you live with your girlfriend, you are going to have to do things like talk about your day as soon as you walk in the door. Now, you can decide to call her up later, after you have already had time to unwind and relax. Soon, she will be there, ready and waiting to hear about your day and you will not be able to avoid this.

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