3 Ways Of Improving Your Health

1. Getting rid of the dependency of both physical and personal.
Do you have a dependency? I know about tobacco and alcohol. What else? Do you have a serious addiction? Of course there is, thanks to 21 century. More precisely, thanks to our mind. It was found that the long seat at the computer has a detrimental impact on men’s health, in particular contributes to impotence. In addition to this, everyone knows that long watching TV and the computer world undermine our nervous system, and are the first sources of initial psychological surge.

Can you live without a mobile phone? British scientists had been diagnosed with ?mobile phone call? to a group of local school students. And the essence of illness is this: a teenager all time holds the phone with him, waiting for the call, even when nobody should call. It looks like you? And to addition harmful radio waves … But the most important and significant – is to stop using the chemical garbage, I mean, tobacco, and alcohol. It was proved that the level of mental disorders more than in smokers, heart disease is also dominant over them, and a slow but steady aging of the organism as a whole. Namely: dulled hearing, deteriorating eyesight, a sense of apathy, and this list may be supplemented by hundreds of examples. But there is a solution!

It lies in the awareness of the harm in realizing your own humiliation in front of tobacco producers. Why do you let s stranger to hit you in the face? Why? After all, the bruise will go through another week, but the pain and bruises inflicted by smoking, continue to thrive in your body for years. On your body from the inside. Simple awareness of this idea may make you think.
2. Improper diet and healing water.
Yes, that’s wrong food. You yourself just need to know all the possible products that are allowed for your body, on your own preferences, characteristics and capabilities. Go to a dietitian, it is he will choose for you the most appropriate basket of fruit and vegetables. There are products on which some of fattening, while others do not. In this regard, recipes and tips found on the Internet may be simply not useful. Try to eat organic foods, which do not contain large amounts of cholesterol.

I want to say a few words about water. On the simple water you drink. In general, water – that’s life, you’ve probably heard this phrase. All models are drinking several liters of water a day. They drink very, very much water. Water has wonderful healing properties of purification, both outside and inside. Therefore, the beautiful models have such flawless skin.

3. Movement – that’s life and its continuation.
The ads use the words “GO”. This is a very attractive advertising effect. Educated people know that everything in life depends on the motion. How much do we move? At work we always spend time in a sitting position, back home we go by car, and in the evening, tired, sit down in front of TV and densely supper. So why are overweight has no right to visit us under these circumstances? Move more, try to make yourself to get used to this. Try to remember when the last time you walked ten kilometers? If you don?t remember, it?s time to take action!

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