3 Reasons To Use Cheesy Chat Up Lines In Night Clubs

How could you seduce someone in a bar? With a tuxedo, a rose, and a vodka martini? Maybe your sexual appeal involves drinking a lot, blacking out, and waking up next to the girl you’ve always dreamed about. If neither of these is the case and you’re still in need of answers, why not try a cheesy chat up line? I mean, there are many reasons to never use one, but here i will discuss three reasons which may push you over to the dark side.

“Do you believe in love at first glance, or should I walk by again?”

Cheesy chat up lines are funny. There exists a socio-psychological principle known as the thin slice. Basically, it is the judgement we make on a person in general based on whatever we know of them currently. Frankly, if a girl has known you for five seconds and you’ve told her your name, what you do as a living, and asked her what her favourite drink is, the thin slice is associated with a boring man who would like to get in her pants.

The fantastic thing about cheesy chat up lines, if used correctly, is that they’re really funny. Imagine approaching the same woman with a suave look, a rose, and this gem: “My adoration for you is much like diarrhea; I can’t hold it in.” Granted, disgust is a normal reaction to that, but even then she’ll remember it for the rest of the night as being the worst pick up line in history. Alternately, she’ll laugh and think you are a funny, confident man.

“Have you got a quarter? I told my mom I’d call her when I fell in love.”

Cheesy chat up lines are not serious. There exists a tendency in males to take meeting women either too seriously, making women feel pursued, or too lightly, driving them to feel objectified. The happy medium may be a hard thing to get, but follow along with this scene.

A twenty-something man, we’ll call him Ted, sees a twenty-something woman, we’ll call her Lyndsay, inside a bar. Ted’s friends have tried cat-calling the girls at the table behind them. One even walked up to a brunette in the corner and told her she was beautiful, offering to buy her a beer. Nothing really worked. Ted is having a good night along with his buddies, but his eyes keep going back to Lyndsay. He grabs his beer and walks over, smiling to himself. “Do you have a quarter?” He asks, just as if genuinely interested and pauses. “I told my mom I’d call her when I fell in love.” Lyndsay was thinking of looking for a quarter when the line hits her. She laughs, momentarily speechless. Ted moves it right into a normal conversation. “You keep catching my attention across the bar, I figured I might as well meet you. I’m Ted.”

What thin slice do you think Lyndsay has of Ted?

“If I had a nickel for each and every girl as beautiful as you, I’d have five cents.”

Cheesy chat up lines are direct. They get directly to the point: you found the girl attractive, and then started a conversation with her. There is absolutely no tip-toeing around that. The sole thing you’re leaving her guessing about is what’s going to happen next.

This will take you into numerous conversations that start with “I’ve got a boyfriend.” But let’s be honest, 66% of the world’s human population is in some sort of relationship. In the case that you didn’t learn about it sooner, you would probably end up getting to know a really wonderful girl who won’t feel at ease seeing you again, in spite of the wonderful conversation, because she’s in a relationship.

Another reaction you may get plenty of times is, “Wow, your are confident.” So if you wish to be funny, confident, and get the girl… Maybe cheesy chat up lines aren’t so bad?

If you’re sold and want to try out some pick up lines, our friends over at CheesyChatUp.com have got a great list of cheesy chat up lines, along with a slightly better list of Good Chat Up Lines.

Enjoy irresponsibly.

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