Review Protect America Security Company

Protect America Security Company Ain’t Protecting Shit

A Review of Protect America Security Company

A consumer’s honest Protect Americ Security Review

Save your money folks, because this is by far the worst security company EVER. First and foremost, I understand that providing security in the long term for your loved ones can be pricey and because it’s a necessity we opt to buy into companies offering the security we want for the lowest price possible, like Protect America. Now in comparison to many other companies Protect America has been around for only a little over ten years, using wireless technology as a measure of home security.

My parents decided like many others to buy into this company because it sounded so promising. The equipment was indeed sent, but when received we had a tough time with the installation process, and we are quite savvy with technology, so it was definitely the equipment that was faulty, and customer service was horrendous enough to want to make us return the faulty equipment and get our hard earned coins back.

The equipment was returned to the company, but they refused to get out of the contract although the equipment never even worked. After long conversations and thinking that we were done, years later this company has haunted us with an incredible bill stating that we never paid our balance. Balance?

For equipment that never protected us not even for a day, we thought for sure they were out of their minds. But no, they are demanding payment for all of the 11+ months we never even possessed their sorry ass equipment. They did, in fact, send us to a collection agency to collect the money for the equipment that was never used, claiming that it was never returned. When asked to speak to someone they refused to someone they refused to answer any questions. The customer service that was received was terrible, and I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst enemy.

At the end of it, all this review is only used to serve as a means to protect you and your family from Protect America. Also, I did take notice online that they have quite a bit of good reviews but on selected sites, I would definitely do my research before taking that leap and trusting this company. Take a look at for instance to see consumer’s reports. Most are terrible, has me thinking whether the sites that are legitimizing this company aren’t being paid to do so. Just a thought. It’s ultimately your decision to make on whether or not to use this company to protect your loved ones, but I would definitely think twice.

Sometimes paying less can truly cost you more.

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