The importance of Spiritual Growth

CB064037The importance of Spiritual Growth This is the first of two devotionals developed from a 2 part session taught at Lifeline Christian fellowship on May 23, 2008 Heb 5:11 “Of whom we have much to say, and hard to explain, since you have become dull of hearing.” In the world of science there are seven main characteristics of Life. Without one of these, then there is no life. One of these characteristic is growth. A child of God, having entered a new life – the life of Christ is expected to demonstrate growth in this life.

This is very important not only to the individual but also to the Church, the body of Christ, since the numerical growth of the Church is dependent on the growth of each individual. Every believer should desire to grow, such that he reaches a place in God where he can teach what he has learnt. A growing child of God, once he has been taught, will not need to be taught again but will go forth and teach that which he has learnt, thereby making disciples to Christ.

This teaching is not only verbal but reflected in, actions, attitudes and lifestyles. According to 1 Pet.2:1-2, a growing Christian is one who knows how to make decisions, that is, to take actions based on what he has heard. Therefore, he will always be making decisions In order to grow one must make the following decisions:

i.Watches What he says

ii. Not speak evil of others

iii.Have a strong passion for the word of God.

Finally, a growing Christian is Spiritual. According to 1 Corinthians 3:1-4 Christians who are not showing signs of Growth are referred to as being carnal, babes, not able to receive the solid food(teachings) that they should have been receiving. No one of us as children of God should desire to fall into this category.

The questions I need to ask myself this week are:

i.Am I a growing Christian?

ii.What comes out of my mouth? Does it represent a heart that is being changed and becoming more like Christ?

iii.Can I take the Strong meat/teachings that I receive or does it offend me? Do I speak evil of others or do I seek the good in and speak well of others My challenge to you for this week is that you make a conscious effort to apply what you’ve learnt in order to help yourself grow God Bless

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