Is Sunday truly the Lord's day of rest?

For so many years, this has been a question that so many have tried to answer biblically. So many people have just agreed to disagree on whether Sunday is the Lord’s day. Some people just say that this is the day that the majority of people go, so it must be the right day. Some say that this is the day Jesus resurrected, which is why they  go and others say that it doesn’t really matter as long as you go.

All of these answers make me wonder whether the God is clear or not on what he asked us to do and when he asked us to worship him. Today is Sunday, and I was just wondering, where exactly should I be and what exactly should I be doing. The bible is what I use as a guide for my life. It tells me right from wrong through all of God’s 10 commandments, which will never change, ever, because God’s law whether people want to believe it or not is eternal. 

There are so things to think about when it comes to God and the day in which he asked his people to rest. Do we as human beings, ever have the right to change God’s law, but yet we find that so many people deliberately transgress it. In the very beginning, it said that God rested the seventh day, Genesis 2:2. In Exodus 20: 8, he not only gave in full description what should be done during the sabbath but he also said that he blessed and sanctified it. The Sabbath, which he said, to be the seventh day and not the first. Today, which is Sunday is the first day of the week, it’s almost the same day that Jesus resurrected. You see, Jesus died on a Friday, hence the reason why so many celebrate Good Friday, and he rested during the Sabbath, which was Saturday, and then he resurrected on Sunday. No where in the bible does it say we should rest, the day Jesus resurrected. Through his rest on the sabbath is again proof of what God has asked of us, which is to rest the day he asked us to. Now, my question really is, will God accept any day of rest?

God through his word has provided such strict guidelines for us, for a reason. It’s because he knows what is best for us. So many people have decided that they are just going to do what they like and say that God will accept it. The way I see  it, it’s like a professor asks their students to write a research paper and gives them specific instructions and tells them to use the MLA format but instead, they decide to write what they like and use the APA format. If the professor wouldn’t accept the research paper, then why exactly would God accept just any day man decides to worship him. It just doesn’t work like that, God wants things to be done, the way he asks, period. 

I’ve come across though some people that have said, that it’s too difficult to do what God asks, or rather who’s doing what God asks really?

Well believe this, there are people out there that are really trying to do what God asks, rather than finding excuses to do what he asks.

So how do you feel about what God has asked us to do?

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