How To Educate Your Child About Our Awesome God While Camping

If you and your family enjoy camping then you appreciate that training your child about camping essentials, like fire safety and setting up a tent, are exceedingly significant. But educating them about God is a immeasurably more important lesson that camping can be used for. The time spent with your family in the great outdoors is actually the perfect environment to illustrate some great truths about our Creator. Since the daily pastimes have been eliminated, you’re no longer in competition with the TV, computer, or other activities that usually occupy your youngsters in their ordinary lives. Use this time where you are enveloped by nature to help your youngsters discover more about God through His creation. Here are some tips to help get you started.

Symbiotic relationships within different species reveal that there was a design. Look for these relationships between plant and animals, animals and animals and plants and plants. Bees and flowering plants are a wonderful lesson for this. This process displays how the flowers rely on bees for pollination, and bees rely on flowers for food. Flowers would be unable to reproduce minus the bees, and the bees couldn’t survive minus the flowers. Another fabulous illustration of a symbiotic relationship are lichens. Although they may appear to be a singular organism, lichens are, in fact, composed of fungus and algae. The fungi obtain their food from the algae, and in return, the fungi provide protection to the algae. These relationships are challenging to explain using evolution, but creation effortlessly explains it by affirming the idea that a Creator had a wise plan in mind.

Plants and animals with special designs, that reveal the handiwork of a creator, are another way to teach about God. Let’s take a look at the woodpecker. This creature slams it’s head on a daily basis to keep himself fed. Any other creature that attempted this would die from a brain concussion. Yet this astonishing bird sustains no injury at all. Or consider the peregrine falcon. This bird acquires his meals by diving at approximately 200 miles per hour to seize pigeons and other birds. What permits him to do this? It is a very specialized heart, lungs and muscles that increase his blood flow. Any other bird that risked this would not survive. These are just two illustrations of the numerous specialized creatures that reveal marvelous proof of having been specially designed. You’ll be surprised at the special designs you will find when you start to search for them.

Study the cycles of earth to see how God sustains the perfect habitat for His creation. The moon’s cycle is an essential element to earth’s livable conditions. It cools and aerates the oceans and helps keep the earth stabilized from wobbling. It also keeps our planet in its correct orbit around the sun. If the moon were slightly smaller we would not be steady in our orbit around the sun. If it were slightly bigger we would have massive tidal waves. Another amazing provision from God is the water cycle. From the start of creation the same water has been recycled millions of times. In addition, the carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle show God’s wonderful wisdom. Plants expel the oxygen we need to live as they consume carbon dioxide. We expel the carbon dioxide that is essential for plants to live as we use oxygen.

These concepts are meant to help you to teach your children about our awesome God. He created a environment that both supplies us with our needs and lets us get a small peek into who He is. However, without a Bible the training would not be complete. But, because most Bibles are not made for such rugged conditions they wouldn’t have much chance of remaining intact through a camping trip. But connecting nature to our God is a very important aspect of the instruction, and it is very difficult to do without a Bible. Because of this, having a waterproof Bible may be the solution you are looking for. They are made to withstand the harsh conditions that go along with outdoor activities such as camping. They come in assorted styles and versions, so it should be simple to find one to meet your needs. Please visit our blog to learn more.

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