You’re Just A Tool To The Other Person?

Don’t you just hate it when you have known somebody who you think you have a real relationship with, but turns out they’re just using you?.

What is having an authentic relationship?

Well, in any type of relationship, whether that is with a girlfriend, friends or even anybody, there must be some exchange of value.

When somebody is giving away more value than is being reciprocated, they will feel like they are being used; and those who are leeching those values without offering any value in return, are value-cravers; they always want something from other people, and that is the only driving force they want to be around you.

Yet the thing is, if you don’t have any value to give people, they don’t really want anything to do with you.

The thing to make sure whoever is in your life isn’t using you, you want to be sure your value being offered to them is slightly higher than what they are offering you back.

If they aren’t giving any value back at all, just offer them slightly above nothing, and don’t expect them to get more than that when they make a request. That’s the boundary you have in place.

Usually the prominent signs you can tell if these people are value-cravers, who constantly ask for things without returning any favor when needed in the future, is that they tend to be unreliable and unreciprocal. When you actually need them, they vanish from you and only reappear when they want what you have to offer again.

We all heard the story of how somebody was interested in somebody else because they have more money and connections, and those are tangible values; however, the most universal ideal values are intangible, the positive exchange of emotional values.

Now, if you don’t have any asset or tangible values they’re seeking, but people really enjoy and love being around you because you generate this positive energy and that you offer great stimuli to them which make them feel great, they can’t wait to be around you again.

That is the ideal social dynamics interaction should go with anybody.

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