Who should say ‘I love you’ first? A woman’s point of view!

“I love you,” three of the most important words a person hopes to hear after being in a relationship for quite some time. These three words have so much significance to them that it really does take your relationship to an entirely different level once they are said. Now the most difficult part for some in a relationship is who actually say these three words first. Should it be the guy or the girl or does it even matter?
Speaking from a woman’s perspective, I think that a guy should definitely say “I love you” first. Why? For the most part, a girl already knows how she feels about a man after being with them for whatever amount of time. A woman usually wears her emotions on her sleeves so saying these three words wouldn’t be a real problem. But for the most part, men usually are the ones that have commitment issues or they aren’t really up for expression, so this task is usually a little harder for them. A woman needs to know how her man feels about her first before she lets him know how she feels, therefore, he should definitely be saying these three words first and of course if they are on the same page then her respond should be “I love you too.”
Now for those women that just like to get straight to the point, then honestly more power to them in saying “I love you” first but personally I would just let him say it first.

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