What does it mean when people need space to figure out things in a relationship?

We are all at one point in time in a relationship feel stranded and caved in and want some space to breathe. And frankly the problem may not be related to your significant other. As mentioned before it may be school. I remember once I was taking this class and I was having a hard time understanding certain things. I would understand one thing when it comes to the discussion I get all confused again. I am not the type to not know what I am doing so that has taken a big toll on me.  I don’t really express my feelings especially when I think I am not performing well, I prefer to just keep to myself but I ended up taking all my frustration on the closest person to me which was my girlfriend. Not that I had a problem with her but I was mad at myself about school so I took it out on her. She asked me questions as simple as how are you I got irritated. I realized what was happening and I talked to my girl about it and explained to her what was going on and she understood and stopped doing these little things that I kind of irritated me during that time.

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