The Way We Met

Story from author Karam
It was a hot summer day and every body was swimming in a pool of humidity, which was thick enough to swim in. The sun’s heat was baking every one’s skin. The clothes people were wearing clung to their bodies, as they were all sweating so much. If you glanced around, either somebody was fanning himself, wiping away the sweat from his face or eating ice cream and lolly.

On such a hot day, I wanted nothing but a whole jug of water with lots of ice in it. I could not even think that I was going to find my prince charming on that hot day as my mind was not even thinking in that way. All I could think of was air conditioners, white clothes, ice, and everything that was cold. A man’s heat and his passion were not even in the corner of my mind that day.

I was wearing a white shirt, which I had checked carefully to make sure it was not see-through, on a pair of loose white pajamas. Well, that was a kind of my uniform as I wore it everyday in summers. I didn’t care what my peers would say, as I wanted comfort. At the starting of the day, I had worn my hair loose with small hair clips to hold them back from my face. However, by the end of the day at college, my hair was up in an untidy bun and those hair clips were used to keep the bun up so that my hair could not get wet because of the sweating on my neck. Anyway, after the day ended, I immediately took off to the nearest restaurant, which was especially made for summers, or at least it seemed like this. The interior of the restaurant was so cool with light colors and ‘wintry’ decoration that the place had become my routine. I would go there everyday for lunch.

That fateful day, however, something else was waiting for me. I ordered my lunch and a jug of water with lots of ice in it and as I was carrying the tray, which had a big jug of water, I didn’t see the person who was coming towards me. And then the most unexpected thing happened. We both had an accident and I fell with the chilled water splashing on me. All the time I was thinking about cold things, but now as the chilled water was splashed on me, I was shivering badly. I was also shivering because of the realization that my white clothes are all wet, which meant my body was all visible. This fact was enough to make me cold. I didn’t know what happened but after a few minutes, I was covered in some one’s T shirt. After I got a bit warm, I was able to see clearly.

When I looked up, I saw a shirtless man, whose T shirt was most probably I was wearing. He was staring at me as I stood there with water dripping off my face. He kept staring until I nudged him and told him to excuse so I could go out and escape the embarrassment. The man came after me and offered to drive me to my campus where he apologized and made me some coffee, Read more and also post your own story.

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