The Unheard Of Truth About Being Shy

There is something that is supposedly affect a huge amount of the population that is none other than “shyness”.

In my opinion, shyness is only as real as your self-beliefs allow it to be. Shyness is just an explanation to why you are and excuse to prevent you from socializing with others, because you were not socially skilled, and thus you gave yourself the labe that you were shy.

For people who are shy, I believe that as when they were like most little kids, they were naturally carefree, playful, opened about everything, without restraint (excluding the parents), and just about everything else the opposite of shyness.

But some how down the road, something occurred that caused them to become more reserved, either because of family, other kids messing with them, or whatever it was that initiated it. That lowered their desire to be social, and for this reason they never learned proper social skills as a kid.

whenever they engaged themselves in social interactions, they weren’t having a good time compared other people considering they were not as skilled socially, and ultimately have social anxiety and so isolated themselves from human contacts as much as possible but told themselves they were only shy to justify it.

Look not everybody had social upbringing in a positive supporting atmosphere where it was common to interact with others, either it may have been our relation from peers, immediate surrounding, parents controlling us or over-pambering us, etc.

But whatever the reason may be, when you have the right skill sets and your social toolbox stocked with social mojo like your stories and your witty one-liner repertoires (can be refer to as your sociability), you will simply be comfortable and confident in your social environment.

The reason why you experience any negative emotion is because you haven’t done it enough pior and not used to it, it is unfamiliar; therefore, don’t have the right skill sets developed throughout experience to manage it.

Once your brain is implanted with the tools and you’re endowed with plenty of social arsenals under your belt, you will no longer have that social anxiety because you know how to perform socially.

Having great social skills will dissolve any social setback.

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