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How to get him to propose. Most guys would love to propose – it is basically a matter of when, and how to bring the guy to the stage of sooner rather than later. And, how many men have you heard of that actually live most of their life as bachelors? Hardly at all, in fact, just about all guys are actually afraid of living alone as they get older and they will most of the time make a commitment to a solemn marriage. It’s your job as a bride-to-be to make sure that he will come around instead of putting it off. The site, “When Will He Propose” features a great program to assist you to bring your man around to popping the question.

There could be a lot of reasons that he doesn’t want to commit to marriage just yet. Here are some reasons (not in any order):

* He could be afraid of the relationship not working out. Some relationships do not make it, but it’s not due to a lack of love for each other, but many times it is because they don’t make the necessary steps and preparation before the marriage. There are lots of resources available to help prepare for marriage, including Online Marriage Counseling, online books (or ebooks) or most cities have local marriage seminars that would be effective to anyone who may be preparing for marriage.

* Perhaps he may not be confident in being able to be a good provider financially. Tell him him that most people beginning a new marriage may struggle with finances, and that its totally normal. You may relax him and put his mind at ease by offering to work in a part time job to help with the finances.

* Perhaps he feels the desire to burn off his wild side before getting settled down with you permanently. It can be a sad truth but many guys fear the thoughts of laying down his wild days. It can be difficult to conquer but when a guy feels that he loves a girl, then he will give up the need to run wild.

* Perhaps he is afraid of giving up his best friends. Keep in mind that his good buddies are his “Go To” guys. The ones that he has always depended on in tough times and also in good moments. You should encourage him to continue to run with his friends, and hopefully they are someone that you approve of.

Okay, that was only a few possible reasons why a boyfriend would want to put off getting married. Of course there are a lot more. Bookmark this website, as I will will list a lot more articles on possibilities why a person would stall on popping the question and lots of ideas in order to bring him to thinking in the right direction. Also, you may wish to check out the new ideas that recently became available, “Girl Gets Ring”. It will absolutely be worth your effort to view the FREE VIDEO CLIP.

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