A Mass Of Unforgettable Ways To Ask The Big Question!

1. Muppets Proposal: Sid Ceasar, a life-long fan of the Muppets, used the puppet characters to propose to Sara Prindiville. He produced a film about two custom designed Muppets he had ordered, which resembled him and Sara. He then took Sara to the theater where the film was shown. She immediately recognized who the Muppets were, and accepted the proposal when the puppet Sid asked. Behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes of the project, photographs of the happy couple, and the story of how the film was made were later posted online by Sid. The couple tied the knot on September 10, 2011.

2. Virtual Proposal at Halo Video Game: “Moviesign”, a Halo 3 player, proposed to “Furtive Penguin”, his girlfriend of more than two years, by inviting her to join him in a Forge map for an apparent two-on-two match on November 3, 2007. He led her to a spot which had a nice top down view of how he had used weapons to spell out the words, “MARRY ME?”. Furtive Penguin said “Yes!” to the proposal and the couple moved to Chicago afterwards.

3. Star Trek Marriage Proposal: It’s safe to say that whoever the women was who accepted this Star Trek-style engagement ring box must have said yes! When opened, the inside of the top flap of the box featured Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the USS Enterprise saying “Engage”.

4. Proposal at 20,00 Feet: Most men want their marriage proposal to their future wife to be unforgettable. Mateo Martinez achieved that by proposing to his girlfriend after skydiving out of a plane 20,000 feet in the air. Can there be any better way of raising your fiancee’s heart rate than by proposing after jumping out of a plane?

5. Onstage Wedding Proposal (with Robots!): Erik Schroeder proposed to his girlfriend Nina O’Keefe, a Chicagoactress, when she was onstage acting in the play “Heddatron”, in which she was kidnapped by robots. It was Erik’s 30th birthday, and he was called on stage, apparently for the curtain call. However, Erik surprised Nina by pulling out an engagement ring and proposing to her in front of the audience, after which the happy couple were serenaded by the robots.

6. Twitter Proposal: On March 2, 2008, Greg Rewis made a first-of-its-kind marriage proposal when he proposed to Stephanie Sullivan on Twitter. She accepted Greg by Tweeting back a reply. Since then, many online geeks have followed their lead and pledged their troth on Twitter.

7. Proposal with Umbrellas: Sean Palmgren proposed to his girlfriend Betsy in such a unique way that it won him a contest. He took his girlfriend for a three mile walk in the park where his friends and family members were waiting with umbrellas in hand with a letter painted on each of them. When the umbrellas were flipped they spelled the words, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”, at which point Sean bent down on his knee to propose to Betsy.

8. Particle Accelerator Marriage Proposal: Dave Mosher made one of the most awesome nerdy marriage proposals to Kendra Snyder, (is a science journalist just like him). He had Kendra called out to check a potential story about some crystal found in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. She rushed there, but instead of a breakthrough in particle physics she found in a diamond engagement ring in the particle accelerator.

9. Proposal by Hiring a Theatre Company: Gennady Zaleskiy wanted to make an unforgettable wedding proposal to his girlfriend Victoria, who was a theater-fan. His solution? Hiring a theater company in the Ukraine for 10,000 to stage the play “The Romantics” with him in the leading role. During the play, Gennady appeared on stage and proposed to Victoria who was sitting in the sixth row. Of course, she said “Yes!”

10. Proposal Through an Art Exhibition: George, an industrial designer, spent almost 24 hours making a piece of art from foam that formed the words, “Will You Marry Me”. He called it “My Early Muir Owl”. As a ruse, he hired an actor who would play the role of the artist and dubbed him “Serge Gandaora”, which is an anagram of “George” and his girlfriend “Sara”. Though the art exhibit was a little confusing, when Sara saw the words through a special frame, and found George kneeling beside her it all became very clear

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