A certified way to lose your girl

Most of the time women end up cheating or come close to doing it because the guy they are with are not putting in the work in the relationship. If your girl feels that she’s doing all she can to make it work and you are just doing the minimal on your part, if she gets with someone else that’s giving the same amount as she is, then gentlemen you really don’t have a case in getting mad. Now I’m not condoning the cheating part, but I guess what I’m saying is that, women will naturally go where they feel wanted, needed or appreciated.

Ok so here’s a short story of a girl that’s dating this guy and she feels sometimes she’s putting in all of the extra work and he isn’t making much of an effort. They are in a long distance relationship and sometimes they go on for days without talking to each other for some reason or another. Sometimes it’s work, school, etc. Right now the situation is pretty intense because her man doesn’t even live in the states so talking to him is so much more difficult.

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