War in Iraq to end August 2010

Our troops have been fighting this war in Iraq for quite some time now. President Obama promised that he would bring our troops home. The date they have set or plan to set to do this by is August 2010. Is this time frame good enough to bring back our troops, should they stay overseas longer or should they be brought back home sooner. How do you feel about this?

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  1. OK, having been over there in the police action and my first deployment… n hopefully ONLY deployment.. I dont think troops need to be in Iraq right now. Once it got to the point of downsizing our forces… lets leave it to themselves! I know that Iraqis cant and dont exactly know how to do everything… believe me I know! They cant even read a map right, cant read a GPS coordinate right… the people who should be there are those who are trainers and could help in the political games. My bros n Sis’s in uniform do not need to be wasting away in the sand infested crap whole we call Iraq. Afghanistan on the other hand… leave that up to the guys on the ground! Keep politics from killing my guys and not worrying about who they are. Bring them home? Yes… when? When we’ve done our jobs!

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