Some Facts About George W. Bush

Republican George W. Bush the author of the book Decision Points released on November 9, was the 43rd ruler of the United States. He left office in January of 2009. Bush’s father, George H. W. Bush, was the 41st President. Lets look at some aspects of his life and deeds for the purpose to understand the basics of his decisions.

Texas Governor
Bush presumed office as Governor of Texas on January 17 of 1995, winning favored incumbent Ann Richards. Though Texas’ legislature is basically a parliamentary scheme, giving a bit of real power with the governor, Bush still won the attempt to push through the biggest ceasing of a tax in the state’s history and an amount of other policies, involving the maintenance for belief- grounded charitable campaigns that would become the main ones to his prime term agenda as Governor of the Unated States. 152 implementations were made in Texas in time of Bush’s six-year term.

Bush’s presidency has been, in some ways, determined by several major events. He has worked as a President only eight months before the 9/11 attacks on New York City and The Pentagon. Shortly afterwards, he initiated the aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. All of such events were described in his new memoir Decision Points by George Bush.

Amidst Bush’s major inner policies are the Patriot Act, extending the authority of law compulsion and intelligence agencies, some significant tax cuts made for the purpose to stimulate the economy and an unsuccessful try to change the Social Security system via the use of private accounts.

Bush has also took controversial decisions concerning stem cell study, the use of domestic surveillance to defeat terrorist plots and a guest worker program to cease the quantity of illegal immigration.

Though many conservatives continue to celebrate his inheritance, and Bush himself has analyzed that history will look kindly on several of his more difficult resolutions, the ongoing wars were launched on his watch and a variety of failures – containing the administration’s not so fast reaction to the havoc of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina and its poor record on environmental issues – have created him a reputation as an unsuccessful president, as well as several of the lowest poll numbers since the presidency of Richard Nixon. A Rolling Stone material in 2006 supposed he may be the “Worst President in U.S. History.

Bush revealed in an interview on March 18, 2009, that he is writing a memoir named George Bush Decision Points which focuses on the ex president’s “personal and presidential decisions.”

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