Things To Know About Finch Bird Care

Before you buy your birds, proper finch bird care should be remembered. It is not a good idea to keep only one bird, as finches prefer company. These birds are very good for people and families that are active and have little time to care for pets. Although finches are social, they would rather be with other finches, than with people. They are easy to care for, but there are some important things to know.

Some finches are known for their bright colors and others have beautiful voices. Your finches can be same sex or opposite sex pairs. However, if a new one is introduced to others, be careful about bullying. This type of behavior can be limited by having ample space. Also, if you have several finches, they are less likely to pick on one.

Before you bring finches home, be sure that they are healthy. Do not consider birds that are inactive and appear tired or ill. Check to see if their feet and beaks appear normal. Look for birds with shiny and bright looking eyes. Quarantine new birds from the others for about five to six weeks. This helps to avoid health concerns.

Your finches should be housed with ample space. They need to fly about for proper exercise. Height of the cage is not as important as length, for moving about space. If you have two finches, the cage should be at least 2.5 feet or 76 centimeters in length.

For proper finch bird care, it is important to keep cages clean and sanitary, to avoid disease and illness. Their water needs to be kept fresh on a daily basis. Newspapers should be placed on cage bottoms and changed three times weekly. Make sure to place plenty of grit on the bottom of the cage. This helps your birds to enjoy proper digestion.

Finches can subsist on seeds, but it is best for them to have a variety of food. Fresh sprouts are excellent, as well as finch pellets. Occasionally your finches will love special treats such as small bits of fresh pineapple, apple, or pear. Green vegetables are also very good for your birds.

Place finch cages in areas that receive sunlight, but remember to provide shade. It is OK to cover the cage at night, as this helps to quiet them down. It is vital to learn and understand as much as possible concerning finch bird care. This will provide you with healthy birds and an enjoyable atmosphere.

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