The Future is Now: Clear Airport Security 21st Century Style

Taking flight to other parts of the country or world will always be integral to some people’s lives. As for other people however; they might go their whole lives without having much reason to fly and therefore don’t fully understand the burdens of what it takes to clear airport security. Whether it’s for business or pleasure other do make it a way of life and in that are forced to comply with airport security rules each time the takeoff. Clear Me is a service that was created to directly combat the wait at airport lines and turn it into the most efficient and streamline process as possible.

Clear Me was initially created in the wake of boosting airport security after 9/11. The service ostensibly is available to cut down the wait time on security lines at participating airports. Even with an accumulation of about 200,000 customers the business couldn’t stay afloat and it shut down in 2009. Since then however there has been a new effort to restart Clear Me for future fliers.

What is this idea though and how does Clear Me work? In short by paying a nearly $200 dollar annual fee you’re given the privilege of cutting through the first section of security check points at participating airports. This is achieved by submitting several points of personal information to Clear Me for identification purposes. In order to qualify one must offer up several government issued IDs, complete and pass a Lexus Nexus background check and satisfy an iris and fingerprint scan. Once all points are met you’re then issued your own biometric ID card and are given authority to pass through the first layer of security with ease.

There are people in the world still on the fence about the usefulness of the service known as Clear Me. The ones that don’t fly too often will not see a $200 yearly fee as a cost effective liability in their personal budgets where others might not see saving only 20-30 minutes on their wait time as worth the money. For many others though that; 20-30 minutes might make all the difference in the world and could make the process of flying smoother and simpler so to find out more for yourself about Clear Me; click here.

Remember that the next time you find yourself standing in line for hours waiting to make it through airport security there’s a service out there to help bypass the monotony. Before you realize it Clear Me may very well become the future of flying.

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