The Freedom of Expat Living

One of the primary reasons that the expat lifestyle is so important to so many people is the simple fact that you can control your life to a greater extent than you ever could while living back in the United States or the United Kingdom. Many people take for granted the fact that the so-called freedoms you have while living in Western countries come at a cost, and that costs continue to rise every year to the point where the land of the free is anything but.

The most point-blank comparison would be to look at New York City and Mexico City. These are two alpha cities which are considered two of the most important in the world. They have similar population sizes, similar safety ratings, and are both considered global leaders in commerce and education. And yet while it costs around $50,000 a year to have a middle-class existence in New York City, you can have the same lifestyle, amenities and creature comforts in the capital of Mexico for mere $10,000 a year.

Think about that for a minute. A $40,000 a year price difference between two cities that are exactly the same on paper. If you ask a five-year-old child who is learning basic mathematics in grade school, the answer they will give you might be innocent, but it’s the truth: a simple mathematical comparison provides you with all you need to know about why expats would choose to live in Mexico City in comparison to New York City.

This is what expat living is all about, and it is this reason that more and more people every year are choosing to live outside of Western countries rather than be held down by a prohibitive cost of living. When you can put tens of thousands of dollars a year back into your bank account, all while retaining the exact same amenities and style of living you had back home, there is absolutely no reason to stay in the U.S. or the U.K. when that freedom robs you of your bank account to the point where you are absolutely broke.

When you consider the fact that you can put tens of thousands of dollars per year straight into your pocket rather than spend it on a prohibitive cost of living, the level of control that you will be able to influence over your own life is so great that most people can’t even comprehend it. They’ve been told since the time they were children that the only way to get ahead in life is to spend 40 years slaving away in a corporate environment, but when you can have absolute freedom in just a few short years by living as an expat in another country, there is no reason to be a slave any longer.

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