Gold and Other Historic Happenings in Hokitika

Like many other areas around the world, the city and area around hokitika accommodation was born from the fever of those seeking their fortune in gold. The unsettled West Coast of New Zealand called out to those with a sense of adventure and willingness to achieve it. It is easy to wonder exactly how wanderlust affected this future city. The interesting beginning of Hokitika in the 1860s moved towards the future with several areas of development.

The hope for riches lured professionals and laborers to the unsettled West Coast and the chance to find the mother lode. Blazing the trail towards a chance at riches involved leading the way through wilderness. Following the prospectors with wagons loaded with supplies to sell for gold, businesses acquired a great deal of money, as well. Alluvial deposits were quite disappointing at first, but more gold was discovered. hokitika accommodation began its long history with the gold rush and the discovery of more gold required more rooms. Even businesspeople saw the opportunity to make money from gold and built large hotels with food and drink by 1865.

Within a few short years, Hokitika was one of New Zealand’s most populated areas thanks to the lure of gold. Access to the sea brought the idea of creating a commercial port to provide quicker access to supplies and a faster means of transportation to other areas. Acknowledged as the West Coast’s official port of entry until the 1950s, it was also one of the most dangerous, with thirty-two ships lost between 1865 and 1867. Only so many ships could fit in the harbor and at busy times, others had to wait their turn for entry.

Because of its location and size, it was convenient to choose Hokitika as capital of what was once Westland Province. Settlers decided to stay in the area even though the mining of gold dwindled away and found other types of jobs. Although population has declined, the area continues to thrive. Like many historic areas, tourism is a big business.

Although the methods of getting gold are more sophisticated with today’s technology, it is still interesting to tour a gold camp and see the techniques. Local shops have an assortment of rings and other jewelry items to admire and purchase, many made from local materials by resident artists. Whether they are designing statues or jewelry, the artisans use local assets like driftwood. Transportation to the city is readily available and once there, visitors will find it easy to travel to and from Hokitika motels using local buses. Shops, the beach and other areas of interest are within walking distance.

The variety of housing allows guests to choose the stay that fits them best, including a camping or backpacking experience. Places near the beach offer beautiful views of the Tasman Sea and allow glimpses of the native birds flitting about the gardens. Bed and breakfasts are delightful places to share travel experiences, pictures and a meal or two with other guests. A lodge gives the opportunity to meet and talk with locals and other visitors, comparing notes about what to see and do, such as strolling along the beach looking for shells and admiring the sunset.

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