Efficiently Clear Airport Security Today

The process to clear airport security has become burdensome ever since the incidents of 9/11. In reaction to such horrors the administration at the time; developed agencies such as the TSA to better secure our airport terminals. With a lot more security check points and a higher level of scrutiny for all riders flying became anything but convenient. In 2003 however; a service called Clear Me was created to help handle security while streamlining the processes of getting people onto their flights safely and in a timely way.

Clear Me’s service operates through the use if biometric identification cards and iris scans to ensure the identity of the passenger. By presenting the card at specified checkpoints a person can expect to cut their travel time down around 30 minutes. Though the potential seemed promising the business folded a few years later only to be picked up again in 2011. It is still in discussion whether the service costing around $200 every year is worth the payoff.

Because Clear Me is ostensibly a security measure not everyone can simply sign up for the service. In order to qualify for Clear Me; an individual must provide several pieces of personal information. This will involve multiple forms of government ID, submitting to a fingerprint and iris scan and pass a LexisNexis background check. After saying yes to the annual fee and complying with all the rules a subscriber is issued a biometric card to present at particular checkpoints.

Once again however because the company has already folded once before; it’s still up in the air whether the service will; triumph. By honoring all preceding memberships though; the investors of the company hopes to press on into this century with high flying hopes toward the future.

If everything goes well Clear Me should be arriving at an airport near you. Will you be someone standing in line like cattle or will you be using you biometric card to easily clear airport security?

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