American Idol Step 4 of 10 To Increase Your Chances Of Getting On The Show

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Step 4 in increasing your chances of getting on any vocal reality show should be that you should consider getting getting vocal coaching or vocal training.

It’s really not that difficult. You need to be realistic with your vocal talents. Have you had vocal coaching or lessons? The aforementioned suggestions aren’t essential; however, these tips can be healthy to a career. In actuality, in my entire vocal career, other than the Italian voice classes in college, I can count on one hand how many vocal lessons I had. So, it is not mandatory but can help you develop proper technique and breathing, and give you additional tools in your arsenal.

I advise vocal coaching if you can find someone that is an expert in the field and can help you. Vocal coaching goes beyond just voice lessons; an expert can help you improve your character and bring out the “Rock Star” in you. Keep in mind that few, if any, of the judges for the regional auditions, the pre-Idol judges, have gone through the Idol gauntlet as a singer and/or have spent time on the “other side of the glass” as a recording artist. In fact, nearly all of these regional judges are people with no singing talent at all. However, most do have some sort of expertise in entertainment. So, you must impress the judges in your regional auditions. Making it past the regional judges can be achieved with a well thought out plan and appropriate song choices that we’ll discuss later.

When considering vocal coaching or vocal lessons you may have to go through a half dozen different people. You don’t want to just choose the first coach you meet. Carefully thinking about each coach and consider what they can help you with.

For example. If you are a country singer you may not want to go to someone that is a classical vocal coach. You may learn some tips and tricks from them but they may not “Get” what you are trying to become. Carefully choose your coach, or mentor, and develop a great relationship with that person. Singing is as much about getting comfortable with yourself as it is feeling comfortable with the person you are learning from.

Next week in our series is step number 5 to improve your chances of getting on any vocal reality show. In #5 we’ll go over a couple things you shouldn’t do when auditioning for your vocal reality show of choice.

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