What Class of Sickness is Thrush

What is it?

Thrush (Candidiasis) is an microorganism obtained by various strains of Candida, parasites ‘fungi’, mainly Candida albicans. Microorganism of mucous membranes, as in the mouth or female organs, is average between individuals with common immune systems. However, the above-mentioned conditions are major common or persistent in diabetics or Immunological disorder patients and pregnant women, see Candidiasis Tratamiento.

The Candidiasis is between the highest frequent diseases that affect persons as well as could even be said that ever most entirely men suffer during the whole of his life. There are three types of human fungal infections: superficial, intermediate and deep candidiasis. The frequent in Spain are in the surface and candidiasis. In this fragment we consider mucocutaneous candidiasis, which pathogen is the ‘Candida albicans’.


The biggest species are saprophytic Candida and can form part of the derma flora with the exclusion of Candida Albicans is during the skin is an etiologic agent of primary candidiasis. There are numerous factors predisposing to candida infection: a host dependent and different environmental condition. In the first are the physiological, genetic and acquired. So infants, women in the premenstrual period or pregnant patients with Down affection, diabetes, lymphomas, leukemia, taking antibiotics or corticosteroids or immunosuppressive or have debilitating diseases are greater easily able to expand this dermatitis. Environmental factors moisture, heat, chronic maceration, for illustration, the corners in the elderly, the ill-fitting dentures, the friction between two skin surfaces favor infestation.


Disease vary depending on location. From the dermatological point of view interested in mucous and cutaneous candidiasis. In the first and affecting the mucosa is thrush. This manifests as plaques creamy-white plates that meet in at back of tongue, soft palate, gingival and genital mucosa. By breaking expose a red lining and congestive. Infection can still manifest as a red tongue, smooth, shiny and painful or as an affectation of the corners of the mouth in the form of triangular plates, scaling and fissures at the midpoint or affecting the lips, mainly the lower-colored with adherent scales gray and deterioration.

The genito-perianal mucosa is another common site of these infections, accounting for 20-30 percent of vaginal infections. It occur as redness and swelling of the labia minora that may extend into labia, perineum, inguinal folds and cleft, accompanied by itching and “burning”. The similar condition be allowed act on male external genitalia. Together with the cutaneous candidiasis we will relate to two tables: candidiasis of plies or candida intertrigo and onychomycosis.

A brief information of the reasons Candidiasis and in what way does it manifest in people, for more Information take a look at this Link Candidiasis Tratamiento

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