Top 3 Permanent Hair Removal Ideas For Male Hair Removal

This is a brief explanation of the top 3 Permanent Hair Removal procedures for men. They are all apparatus or machine based and all require the use of electricity to operate.


Electrolysis is really the only FDA approved Permanent Hair Removal of facial and body hair. It is essentially inserting a minute needle into the hair follicle and activating a slight electric charge. You can’t do it yourself and will need to book in with a qualified electrolysis technician. It does hurt somewhat, which is generally subject to your own skin’s sensitivity.

You’ll be required to have many appointments for the same area to totally eliminate all hair growth. It can be an expensive choice, especially if you have tenacious hair growth.

Radio Frequency.

Radio frequency method of removing hair is exactly as it sounds. You utilize a tweezers tool to grip each particular hair or use little sticky patches applied directly to the skin. A radio frequency is sent the length of the hair shaft which damages the hair follicle and are meant to prevent it from making or producing more hair.

It is considered to be painless, apart from the tingling sensation. You could buy a home use radio frequency unit but it can be very time consuming because you treat each individual hair or only small areas at a time and you may need to re-treat the same areas time and again.

Male Laser Hair Removal.

Using a laser to permanently remove unwanted hair is generally less painful than electrolysis and for best results it is advised to have it done by a qualified Laser Hair Removal Technician. It is rising in popularity option for several men, but is not yet FDA approved as a permanent hair removal option. It can be known for being to some extent painful and may be described like a rubber band flicking the skin or a small electrical shock. After the first few flashes are felt by the laser patient most people say that they know what to expect and can tolerate the feeling easily.

There are some good quality laser machines becoming available for home use but good quality comes at a cost. You can expect to pay somewhere between $500 and $3000 for a home laser machine. Prior to buying a home laser machine check into the continuing costs as the majority of these types of machines need to have the pulsed light bulbs replaced often and the bulbs are an additional, ongoing expense at a cost of around $25.00 each bulb.

Specialist laser removal of unwanted hair can be a costly option and results can differ between each person. You should expect to pay from $60.00 to $200.00 per consultation and you will have no less than three appointments for each area treated.

An important factor to consider is that laser doesn’t suit everyone you must understand that lasers work on the coloring naturally occurring in the hair and skin and is most effective with the combination of dark hair on lightly colored skin.

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