Natural Remedies For Gout and Cystitis

The Pine has cleansing properties, analgesic that are very useful for making these home remedies for gout and urinary tract problems.

Home Remedies for Cystitis and Gout

The Scots pine, a tree very common in cold or temperate northern hemisphere, contains needles and buds that have oil rich in active ingredients with varied medicinal properties. This article provides a compilation of home remedies prepared from pine to help in the treatment of both gout and urinary tract problems.

Using Home remedy for Gout with Scots

Pine has cleansing properties that help control the levels of uric acid, while their analgesic properties relieve the discomfort associated with this disease.

Pine natural treatment is to make the extraction of the water-soluble substances of the pine by boiling for 20 minutes using low heat with 50 grams of pine needles in a liter of water. After boiling let the mixture cool to lukewarm temperature, you can sweeten with honey to taste, take the filtrate in small quantity throughout the day.

Home Remedy for Cystitis with Pine

In this case the decoction is made for only two minutes, boil 40 grams of pine buds in one liter of water. The liquid obtained should be taken three cups a day, sweetened if desired, during the duration of discomfort. However, if after seven days, you have not experienced a noticeable improvement, you must see a doctor. This natural treatment can be used as an adjunct to treatment with specific antibiotics for cystitis.

Using Scots Pine As a Natural Treatment Against Non-infectious Inflammation of The Bladder

Sometimes by catching cold in the abdominal area, you may suffer what is called a catarrh of the bladder. Its symptoms are similar to those of cystitis although less intense, and not present with fever or with cloudy urination.

For these cases you can use home honey pine, prepared by boiling for two hours in two liters of water, about 800 grams of Scots pine buds. After this time, filter the liquid and add about 750 grams of honey, and put back on the fire, stirring gently until it forms a smooth paste, like syrup. Take three tablespoons of the mixture two or three times a day for as many days as you experience discomfort.

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