Important Information You Need To Know About Rogaine 5

Hair loss and balding has been troubling to millions of people and medical professionals for many years. While much research has been done about the causes of balding, not many effective treatments have been made available. However, today, you can experience positive results using Rogaine 5.

The active ingredient in this product is Minoxidil. Patients taking it for high blood pressure were found to have a significant occurrence of hair growth. Research later proved Minoxidil effective as a treatment for male pattern baldness in both men and women. Your doctor can help you to learn the facts you should know about balding.

Growing your hair is long term process. Most people using Minoxidil see results within four months of recommended use. Application take place twice daily and is easy to do. Your physician can help you make the right choices for your balding issue and about the best treatment for you. You should know your time period for seeing regrowth could vary.

Women that are pregnant or nursing should avoid using this hair loss treatment drug. No research has been done to test whether it is safe to use or not for this group of women. Avoid unnecessary side effects from mixing Minoxidil with any other topical lotions or treatments. In addition to creating unnecessary side effects, you also risk losing the effectiveness of Minoxidil. Many lotions contain chemicals that could react with the ingredient Minoxidil.

Choosing the correct dosage strength for your hair regrowth is important. Your doctor can help you make the right selection. Minoxidil comes as a topical solution in 2% and 5% mixes. You can also choose to use the foaming version. Mild rash and dry, flaking scalp issues are the most common side effect of Minoxidil. Your health care provider can help you to solve side effect issues.

If you are considering Minoxidil for your balding problems, you might consider reading the many testimonials available online. Thousands of people have experienced positive results in hair regrowth. However, you should keep in mind the baldness related to medical issues and procedures generally does not respond to this hair loss treatment.

Many people have suffered with male pattern baldness for years. However, today, thanks to long term research, the treatment for this issue can be effective. Learn more about Rogaine 5 by talking to your doctor. How you feel about yourself and appearance has a big impact on your total health.

Ever wonder: does Rogaine work for treating hair loss? Hair loss sufferers can find a list of FAQs about Rogaine 5 on our site, right now.

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