Graviola supplements: Benefits, Side effects, prevent or treat cancer

Graviola supplements: Benefits, Side effects, prevent or treat cancer

Graviola, also known as soursop, guanabana, Brazilian pow pow, is a fruit that is produced from the Graviola tree or also known as the Annona muricata tree, commonly found in the Amazonian forest.  The fruit and its leaves for a while were used in traditional medicine by these indigenous people for their tranquilizing and also sedative effects and properties.

Researchers in the past have gone to these Amazonian forests and have found that the graviola fruit could not only have sedative and tranquilizing effects but also some other benefits as well which includes the cure and treatment for multiple different cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, etc.  To read more about the research please click GRAVIOLA CANCER CURE

As of 2012, unfortunately there hasn’t been any research on the benefits graviola supplements with humans. Many companies after the research was done about the graviola fruit and it’s medicinal benefits  decided that having a graviola supplement would be beneficial to have in order to show its anti viral, anti parasitic and its anti cancer properties. Unfortunately because of it being a supplement and researchers cannot have a human based clinical trial they are unable to prove that it does in fact have these medicinal benefits side effects with human clinical trial research based reports.

Due to this fact, it would be very difficult to make any recommendations for the graviola supplement with certainty.  There are many questions that many people have that remain to be unanswered. However some of the studies being done on this are intriguing and should not be ignored but rather looked further into.

Graviola supplement, what are the benefits, side effects and how does it prevent or treat cancer?

Graviola supplement

The graviola supplement, although like previously stated we aren’t sure what role it would play in the human cancer prevention or treatment.  There are various companies that do see the 100% pure ground natural plant material, usually you can find it in 500 mg, and it’s called Annona muricata leaf and stem. In addition to that there are certain people that find the leaf and make teas with it as well. Again no valued research has been done as far as this being able to prevent cancer or treat it. So we always make sure to let patients know the importance of talking this over with your health care provider, prior to starting or taking any supplements.

Benefits of Graviola supplement

Again due to the lack of human based clinical trials there isn’t a list of the benefits of the graviola supplement that you will find as far as FDA approval is concerned. But like previously mentioned some use it for its sedative effects, anti-emetic effectives, and it’s potential anti cancer effects which has not yet been proven with the supplement.  As far as dosage is concerned it has gone with what other people have taken and have not experienced any poor side effects as far as feeling too sedated. Some people take between 500-600 mg of the graviola supplement.

Graviola side effects and concerns 

Some research has been done with the graviola fruit and it has been found that if using it for long periods at a time, for instance many years in a row than the individual may be at risk for a form of Parkinson’s disease.  Reason being is that there is an atypical Parkinsonism in Guadeloupe where this fruit is commonly found and consumed by the people.  This is not something that is known for certain but it is definitely a caution that is placed when it comes to eating the fruit or taking the graviola supplement for long periods of time without a break. What some people that have decided to take the supplement decide to do is take two days off during the week or maybe a week off in the month, in order to prevent having these symptoms.

As time goes on and hopefully more research is conducted on the graviola supplement then we will have a better idea of what the benefits, side effects, and proper dosages are. We simply hope that this supplement or if can ever become a clinical trial based drug will have all of the wonderful anti cancer prevention and treatment we hope for it to have.  Again we remind you and encourage you before starting any regimen that you are sure to check and consult with your doctor because of the graviola side effects.

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  1. I purchased 2 containers of capsules of graviola. Would it interact adversely with high blood pressure medicine? I do want to take it, try it. Please send me info. Thank you.

  2. I’ve seen some postings on facebook on the benefits of this. I’ve purchased 2 containers of capsules that I’d like to use. I’m taking B.P. med. for high B.P. & wondering if the 2 would interact, causing a problem. I’d like to try this. Please respond. Thank you.

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