Full lace wigs, the alternative to hair weave and wigs!

Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Michelle, Lil Kim, Ashanti and so many more all wear full lace wigs. For so long, this was hollywood’s best kept secret and not too long ago, these wigs has become more and more accessible for everyone else. Many people that wore these wigs were those that lost their hair due to cancer, yet over the years they have become a very hot commodity in the beauty world. What makes these wigs so special is that they give the appearance for the most part as if the hair is growing out of the scalp if applied properly. You apply these wigs using a special hair glue or tape that can be found from various vendors, one of which is www.hairdirect.com. You can purchase these wigs from various American vendors, and even Chinese vendors, but it’s important to be certain that the hair is made with either Chinese Remy, which is of top quality or Indian Remy or Indian Virgin Remy. Both of these are human hair of the best quality, some more expensive than others. These wigs are made with a special lace on the inside that gives you the appearance of real hair scalp for the most part. These wigs are hand tied, it’s important to make sure if you get a dark colored wig that it has bleached knots. Proper care of these lace wigs is very important, you want your full lace wig to be able to last you for quite sometime. You can use heat to style or have it professionally styled, wear it up in a ponytail or wear it down, you can go curly or go straight. There are so many things that you can do with a full lace wig and they truly are are becoming more and more prevalent. Finally the secret is out!!


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