Dermabrasion Procedures For Facial Rejuvenation

Diamond facial dermabrasion is a variation of microdermabrasion that is crystal free, a skin peel that abrades the layer of cells on the surface of the skin, creating improved skin texture and tone, and stimulating the body?s natural cell renewal process to produce healthy new skin cells replacing removed skin. It is a powerful solution to improve the aesthetic appearance of surface skin hyperpigmentation and scarring, that plaque many women, making dermabrasion one of the best, if not the best anti aging skin treatment available.

In anti aging, there are a number of skin resurfacing technologies, which can rejuvenate skin substantially. Acid peels, often use a glycolic or plant acid to eat the outermost layer of skin, while laser resurfacing technology uses concentrated light to burn off the skin. Each treatment option will vary in the way they go about removing skin, but they are all essentially seeking the exact same thing? removing the outer layer of skin. In comparison with other technologies, diamond dermabrasion is the most controlled resurfacing method, and approaches the surface in a 90 degree direction (side-to-side). For perspective, laser light bursts are shot perpendicularly onto the skin surface, and chemicals, enzymes, and acids quite simply corrode everything they come into contact with, in all directions.

The benefit of having lateral friction becomes extremely clear with pits and unevenness, which are in essence small protrusions and indentations in the skin surface. As dermabrasion is goes over the surface, protruding spots in the skin resist the force with the most pressure, and the lower areas tend to withdraw from the side force, making the more elevated skin receive the hardest treatment, and the lowest surfaces the least. A chemical peel will corrode all the treated area skin in the same amount (that is if it was applied in a consistent intensity and thickness), meaning that indentations can appear larger when the skin in the edges is corroded. Laser burns a consistent depth of skin in the higher and lower areas, more in the areas of spot overlap, and less depth from the less perpendicular surfaces such as the edges of skin dimples. Understanding the differences in the technologies can be a significant advantage on the results you achieve from a regime of resurfacing treatments intended to improve skin texture. Another benefit of dermabrasion is that hyperpigmentation, which is the another common aging issue to contend with, as in sun exposure of prior lesions, dry, or irritated skin is reduced simultaneously in a single treatment, making diamond dermabrasion one of the best solution for anti aging. On a separate note, people who have oilier skin and large pores, can have problems with traditional crystal microdermabrasion, because the process leaves a messy crystal reside that can cause complications getting incrusted in pores.

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