Cure Scalp Itch From Skin-related Conditions

The human body is covered by almost 20 sq ft of skin. Did you know that skin is the body’s largest organ? Why is it that we ignore signs that something is wrong when it comes to our skin?

If you suffered from a persistent cold and it started settling in your lungs, you would seek help, right? Why is it any different for the largest organ in our body? We expose our skin to constant irritation and chalk it up to allergies, but how many of you have put time into finding out what it is that causes itchy scalp?

First, What Is An Itch?

An itch is a built-in defense mechanism that alerts your body to the potential of being harmed. So while you brush off this discomfort with a quick scratch, your body is sending you signals that something is wrong. Don’t ignore your body. These built in defense mechanisms are there for a reason. The skins’ receptors become irritated and send a signal to the cerebral cortex in the brain. This is the same path that pain takes. You don’t ignore pain, why ignore discomfort?

Second, Why Do We Scratch?

Scratching is a natural response in an attempt to eliminate the irritant. The relief that scratching provides may, as is common with scalp itch, cause pain from digging in your fingernails and rather than relieve the itch, it only diverts your attention away from the itching. By this point, you may stop scratching because you are peeling away layers of skin with your fingernails. Very rarely does scratching eliminate the itch for good and oftentimes it can even cause bleeding, scarring, and more itching.

You’ve heard time and time again that if you wear a hat too often, you can lose hair. Did you know that scratching or rubbing your head can cause the same effect? I personally felt my hair thinning before I found my cure. I was afraid that I would never get my hair back. I am happy to report that it has returned! It isn’t like it was 20 years ago, but it definitely took years off of my looks. The fact of the matter is that I’m older than I was before I started suffering from scalp itch and scratching incessantly, so there’s no telling how much damage I’ve done to my scalp vs the natural aging process, but I am thrilled to report that the treatments I have developed have restored my scalp health, including my hair growth! I’m not going to make crazy claims, but at least 40% of my hair loss has been returned.

All of this scratching, however, has created scarring on my scalp. There are raised areas that seem to be damaged skin. Those, I fear, will never go away. And, did you know that you can get Herpes Tonsurans of the scalp? This is a fancy word for a fungal infection of the scalp. What happens in this case is that the germ/fungus invades and damages the hair shaft. When this happens, you’ll see multiple patches of hair loss, often with a ‘black dot’ pattern (with broken-off hairs), that may be accompanied by inflammation, scaling, pustules, and itching. While this is most often seen in children, it happens in adults with severe scalp itch.

So what do you do? How do you release yourself from the lifetime of itching and burning? Not to mention the embarrassment. Itchy Scalp Cures will teach you the symptoms, causes, treatments, and how to PREVENT the condition from reoccurring! All other guides will give you some of the same details, without giving you the exact formula for prevention. What’s the point of doing all the work to release yourself from this awful condition if you aren’t able to eliminate your Scalp Itch Conditions. Take charge of your condition once and for all!

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