Could Dry Shampoo Be An Option For You?

Dry shampoo’s so what are they all about and how do they work, take a read of this. There are a huge range of hair cleaning products that require no water on the market today. With so many dry shampoos available on the market its hard to find the right one for you. Which one stands above the rest for Dry Shampoo? It’s all about you and how it feels for you, is the smell and texture of the products right.

Do They Really Work?
The method of these waterless shampoo’s are quite straight forward. Where greasy areas occur like the roots of your hair, spray your chosen shampoo,all different brands state different times to leave there product in for, leave it in for the said time and then comb through. What happens is the powder soaks up any dirt and grease and then by combing it through you remove it all from your hair leaving a pleasant clean head. Now lets take a look at the brands well known out there at the moment.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Staring with Batiste quite the well known dry shampoo it comes in a range of sizes and colours. It’s quite manageable cost wise and come in a selection of colours for your hair. So you don’t look like some sort of specter. However the residue that is left, coloured or not will also show on your hands and on your clothes so that’s something to watch out for.

Rockaholic Dry Shampoo
Secondly we have Rockaholic shampoo this product is created by TiGi and works in the same way. Like with the others apply leave in for instructed time and comb away. Rockaholic dry shampoo is much more colourless unlike other dry shampoo’s and works just as well. One of the disadvantages with Rockaholic is the cost and the duration of which it will last, in comparison to other brands Rockaholic won’t last you that long. The best way to use it is just on the greasy sections and it will go a lot further.

Bumble Dry Shampoo
Finally we look at Bumble Dry shampoo. As with the others Bumble works on the same method. There are four different hair shades: with this product black, white, blonde and brown. Bumble can be used for re-growth as well as oily and greasy hair.

So which one is right for you? The truth of the matter is straight forward in that none of these products are going to be like a hot shower and Pantene. But they are one of the nearest things you can find to get you clean without water. New development to dry shampoo have been created. This is a liquid based option called NoRinse waterless Shampoo. All that is needed is a towel as you apply the liquid, massage it into the scalp and then simply towel dry.

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