Body Treatment Technologies For Fantastic Skin

A common notion is that body treatments options continue to be offered, but always with many of the same principles and purposes as they did originally centuries ago, with only minor adaptations and added features. Wrapping has gained popularity as the choice for firming and slimming an area temporarily. Ingredients seem to also have evolved in a minor way. Service providers offer commercially popular concepts, adding antioxidants, such as chocolate, fruits, wine, and other exotic bases in body treatments to produce an enticing experience. These treatments use much of the same concepts that have been around for ages, and focus on delivering the benefits of relaxation, ambiance, and inspiration. The larger jumps in technology come from equipment and cosmeceutical research ventures that continue raising the bar in their treatment innovation.

Cellap, a Swiss cellular technology laboratory, is one such research center. They are best known for the development of a product ingredient delivery process that uses stabilized bio-engineered cells as the transport mechanism. Other Cellap Laboratories? breakthroughs include the discovery of the Aromatase enzyme as a key factor in female cellulite production, and the development a skin cream that inhibits Aromatase generation in the sub cutaneous tissues, reducing dramatically, and even completely eliminating the visibility of cellulite altogether. Aside from the anti cellulite bodywraps, Cellap has other similar technologies in their Cellcosmet product line for other applications like deep body relaxation, body fat management and detoxifying.

In the same way, other innovations have been seen in waxes. Traditionally paraffin has been applied as a body moisturizer and skin softener, but innovative wax product developments have proven much better. Soy wax is much cleaner, is an awesome carrier base for treatment ingredients, and melts at a cooler temperature than paraffin, providing the best application of moisturizing, softening, and overall skin conditioning in a more comfortable manner. It is also relevant to mention that soy wax is earth friendly, and supports our local agriculture. These benefits compound with equipment to raise body temperature uniformly over the treatment duration, allowing new body treatments to provide results that were previously unthinkable.

Other body treatments also benefit from new technologies, such as body acne treatments, hyperpigmentation, stretch mark and scar removal procedures, and massage therapy. Equipment solutions create safer, cleaner, and more effective extractions with laser heat or galvanic current applications that open pores. High frequency equipment can also be used to destroy bacteria that hides deep inside pores, that may otherwise prove resilient to product ingredients. Dermabrasion and laser resurfacing technologies have been developed to help remove surface texture and hyperpigmentation issues that usually happen along with scars and stretch marks.

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