?Au Natural? – Look Natural For A Better You

A good principle to apply when putting on makeup is to appear that you did not actually put on makeup. The common terms for this look today is minimalist, nude, sheer, au natural ? all of them meaning ?less is more?. Looking natural is the way to go.

?Au Natural?

The way to achieve an all-natural look is by using “invisible” makeup products.

With the casual and easy-going lifestyle of today, it would be inappropriate to have a ?made-up? look. The beauty products that are used today still create a fresh look and inner glow.

The goal is to appear as if you are wearing no makeup when you are actually wearing the sheerest shades and tints of beauty products. Such a look can be achieved by using a sheer foundation that matches the skin tone. Applying a lighter or darker shade of foundation than the true color of your skin will create an unnatural appearance.

Next, apply a pale shade of lipstick with to give you that fresh, dewy look.

Take a look at some other beauty products that will give you that ?au natural? look:

1. Non-foundation ? these foundations are those that give you that ?nude? color, depending on your skin tone, which create the illusion of not wearing a makeup base.

2. Light-tinted moisturizers ? hydrating your skin has never been more fun. You can wear these light-tinted moisturizers under your make-up to add to your ?au natural? look.

Look for brands that protect the skin. Moisturizers can be put under your make up and the sheer color will perfect the color of your skin giving you a blemish-free look.

3. Lip gloss or nude lipstick ? for a natural look, use a product that will give a sheen to your lips.

You can use lip gloss by itself or over lipstick of a different, but light shade. Your goal is to appear as if the lipstick is barely there.

4. Invisible makeup products ? there are eye shadows, lip tints, light eyebrow pencils, blushes and a host of other beauty products that will give you that fresh, just ?out-of-bed? look.

By using the proper application you can have the natural, minimalist look that will show off the real you.

The woman of today wants to be accepted for who and what she is. By achieving an ?au natural? look, you can show off the real you to the world ? a woman who is not afraid to be her self and wants to be liked for what she is beneath the covering of minimal embellishments.

Beauty through Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise can improve a person?s health. Do people realize that it can also help an individual?s appearance?

When people see an advertisement, the viewer is made to believe that if the individual in the ad can do it, anyone can achieve the same results in a period of time. Unfortunately, this is not always true.

This is because the biological genetics of a human being are inherited from their parents: so if the family is made up chubby people, there is a chance the same will be true of that person.

Some people believe that beauty is limited to what is seen on the outside. This can be achieved if the person decides to join an exercise program. Working the muscles can cause the person to lose or gain weight, tone the muscles, and flatten the abs.

Consult your doctor first then find a personal trainer that can design a program that will work to attain the person?s objectives.

Exercise builds up a person?s endurance and resistance against disease. This will keep the individual healthy, strong, and immune to disease.

A smile can change a bad day into a good one. Exercise can make this happen since males and females have endorphins which are hormones produced by the body and are usually activated by a good workout in the gym.

Beauty is not only skin deep: it also requires improving the beauty from within. This can be done by reading books and other activities to keep the mind sharp.

People should maintain a proper diet by eating fruits, vegetables, meat and fish: eating all of these will provide the proper amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats needed by the body.

Appearance can also be improved by getting the proper amount of rest. Doctors say that 8 hours of sleep is ideal but some people have proven that 5 to 6 hours can sufficient.

Many gyms are not only equipped with exercise equipment. These facilities may also have spas, saunas and massage parlors that when combined with exercise can release the tension in the body making the person feel rested.

Exercise is just one of the many things that can help improve the appearance of a person. Those who have vices such as smoking or drinking should stop since they impede the progress that one is trying so hard to achieve by working out in a gym. Find more tips at tips kecantikan and waktu subur in Indonesian Language.

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  1. Living natural is a better way to live, rest assure that is true; But when i comes to feeling good about your self, i am of the opinion that one has to do what ever it takes to get them self in a state that is appreciated by themselves, So this means that if putty and paint on the face makes you feel good about your self then go head and paint the whole face,if you are ok without it then by all means do not use it.
    The quality of your life and the length of you life may be intertwine with what you thing and feel about your self.

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