What To Do If Your Best Friend Becomes Your Enemy?

If you consider carefully, you would understand that someone turning into your enemy would never become a good friend in life. So thinking about such people who were never close to you, is a real waste of time. Having a practicle mindset, i can say that if someone really feels for you, he or she can never go against you. If you have a clear mindset, it will not be difficult for you to understand this simple thing. I understand that if you lose your friend, it becomes such a good reason of pain. But, being unhappy for such a person who was never able to think good for you, is never going to be a good decision. At least, according to me, people should always look for happiness. This is the only way to become happy in your life.

By the way, before deciding what can be done if your best friend turns into your enemy, you need to decide what is actual friendship. actual friendship is when both you and your friend feel for each other. But if sometimes your friend turns into your enemy, it is hard to say that he or she was sometimes your friend. It is my advice that you should never become sad for someone who doesn’t love you. You should never become sad for someone who never felt any importance for you. This is how you can become successful to forget your friends.

If you are practical enough, i hope that you would understand my words. Becoming sad for someone is natural. But for this natural feeling, if you feel for someone who does not give you any importance, is not a good thing. It will just make you unhappy without a valid reason. So i guess that you now know what should feel if see that your best friend is going to become your enemy.

By the way, i started this article as i found a question in Yahoo answers where someone was asking a question like this. So i answered the question and suggested him not to be unhappy for his friend. I suggested him to be happy in life without thinking what is good in life and what is not. If you actually want to become happy by heart, you can. Remember, don’t be unhappy if your best friend goes against you. Remember, if your friend goes against you, he or she was never your friend. If you create a mindset like this, you will not have to be unhappy. I understand that it surely makes us unhappy if something like that happens. But how much it is fine to be unhappy ( meaning you are giving importance to that person ) for someone who never gave that much importance for you in life. Hope your question has now been answered.

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