U.S. Navy SEALs – An Elite Marine Force

The Navy SEALs were established in 1962 by President Kennedy. This elite, small maritime force was created for unconventional warfare. The members of the SEALs team are trained to operate in all environments, which is where the name of the unit comes from – Sea, Air, and Land. From the humid jungles to scorching deserts, SEALs take advantage of the fact that the over half of the world’s population is within a mile of a river or ocean. SEALs can infiltrate heavy defended areas when necessary to accomplish their mission, such as the shallow water of the Persian Gulf Coastline.

Part of the history of the U.S. Navy SEALs can be linked to the very first group of Naval Constructions Battalions in 1943. Their missions were to clean the beaches of obstacles so that amphibious landings could occur with less problems. The Naval Combat Demolition Units, also known as NCDUs came next and they distinguished themselves in Normandy with their Underwater Demolition Teams or UDTs. These new units had action in just about every corner of the Pacific during the Second World War When the SEALs were created, it was for counter-guerilla warfare and other clandestine operations. The emphasis was put on maritime operations. There were two teams initially, one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast. During the Vietnam War, these impressive units complied an unmatched record of success.

Since Vietnam ended, the SEALs have had to adapt to an every-changing world. Increased operation tasking has led to an increase in the number of SEAL units and their capabilities. SEAL Deliver Vehicle Teams have been created, which has allowed this important Naval unit with additional amphibious support.Seal Delivery Teams (SDV) are considered part of the elite combat unit of Naval Special Warfare. These teams are highly trained and organized. They are equipped for unconventional warfare, special operations, and foreign internal defense. Because of the need for increased special operations throughout the world, Navy SEALS must continuously train for all types of combat situations. SEAL training is mentally and physically exhausting. Basic Underwater Demotion/SEAL or BUD/S training is held in Coronado, CA. It’s a six month course that focuses on physical conditioning, diving physics, small boat handling, basic diving techniques, land warfare, weapons, communications, demolitions, and reconnaissance. The course is broken up into six distinct phases: Indoctrination, Basic Conditioning, Diving, Land Warfare, Basic Parachute Training. At the end, the graduates will receive their Naval Special Warfare Classification.

SEALs have a long proud tradition and a great deal of respect in the Armed Forces. They fulfill a very special role in today’s military operations. However, the training and selection process is very difficult. The dropout rate for the training is very high and there have actually been some classes that no recruit completed. It’s not just the physical requirements of the course, either. The sheer mental strength of these “warriors” is unmatched. Those who make it through and proudly wear the title of a Navy SEAL often order a Navy SEAL ring to show their pride. You can find these Navy SEAL rings online and create a stunning reminder of their sacrifice and service.

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