Social Networking Sites-who's got the hottest? Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, Bebo, Twitter, etc?

Not too long ago, social networking became one of the hottest trends on the internet. Myspace came out very early in the game and so many others followed. In this point and time, in order for your social networking site to even make a list it has to offer something unique, which will make it different from all the others that are on the internet. Your social networking site has to have that special ‘it” factor to get people to just keep coming back and visit. One of my favorite social networking sites, I must admit is facebook. Over the past few years, it has become quite an addiction. I used to enjoy going on Myspace also but once they started focusing more on advertising and pop ups, I started to lose interest. I mean don’t get me wrong, I do understand that these sites make their money through advertising, which is how they can keep up their sites and make it available to all those who enjoy them but some of these social networks should definitely know when there is ad overload on their site. Facebook seems to have a different take on the way they do advertising. Everyone’s profile seems to stay in tact and all the advertising is done on the sides which definitely isn’t so distracting. So as far as my list goes, facebook still remains to be number one in  my book.

So here are a list of some social networking sites that I have been introduced to throughout the years, which I think are worth a visit. List will be updated soon!!!!







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