Qualities of a good/true friend

Qualities of a good/true friend


It should never be you against the world. It may seem as though, it is the best thing but it really isn’t. It may seem like you can handle it but sometimes the world becomes too big for just you to handle. That’s why the presence of at least one person by your side is needed and it shouldn’t be just anybody. This person has to be rare, has to be one of kind. This person has to be, someone who knows just what to do, when to talk, and when to listen and how to be there for you. You’ll need somebody who inspires you to grow in new ways; someone who will make life worth living by encouraging, praising, sharing and caring and someone who can see things from your point of view and still be able to implement his/her perspective to the situation. This person needs to be someone who will be willing to take on the world with you and someone who will be running by your side, someone who will be your oxygen when you run out of breath, someone who will be your support system. Someone who will stick by you through thin and thinner, where there isn’t any thick. Someone who understands that the natures of friendship requires a blend of warm compassion and love that is deep and true. When you find that person remember that to have a good friend, you must be a good friend and so you’ll have to be all those things to that person. The day you wake up thanking goodness for good friends will be one of your happiest days so don’t forget to enjoy it. Never take a friend for granted because a true/good friend is truly a blessing.

Baz de Rose (Nancy T., Shirley M., Martine S.,)


  1. So true but so hard to find one like that. Sometimes we think that we find a good friend until we realize later on that it was just for a season. As they always say some friends are seasonal. However, you can find one that will always be there for you and be the wonderful friend that you needed and was waiting for all your life.

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