Out with the old (2009), in with the new (2010)!

Happy New Year to all of our faithful readers, and to our new readers as well. We just want to extend warm wishes to you all, lot’s of prosperity and blessings. Today’s topic is one that is popular with so many of us and also one we forget about right around Feb 1 st. That’s right, new year’s resolutions. Every year we all come up with these great resolutions that we vow to keep and yet we never see them through. Don’t you notice sometimes that it’s the same resolutions that we have year after year? Well this year I want to invite all of you to have this simple resolution, ” I will do whatever it takes to stick to my new year’s resolution, because 2010 is all about the business.” Here at the things we talk about, we want to be able to bring our readers new things to talk about and also for our readers to always keep us honest. Please feel free to share with us your new year’s resolution so we can all keep our goal’s in check.

Happy New Year,

The Things We Talk About!

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