Rice with Red Kidney Beans Recipe

Hey you guys, this is a very easy recipe if you want to make some rice and some red kidney beans or any beans for that matter. This recipe has a West Indian twist to it, it tastes delicious and I hope you enjoy it.

Rice with Red Kidney Beans

1.       Wash your kidney beans with water. (2 washes)

2.       Put kidney beans to boil, don’t forget to cover the pot, it boils quicker!

3.       Check the beans after about 20-30 minutes to see if they are tender, (it shouldn’t be mushed)

4.       Once beans are tender, drain the beans but don’t throw away the water in which the beans were boiled (Very important)!

5.       Now it’s time to fry the beans, no need for too much oil, just enough for the beans to fry in.

6.       While the beans are frying it’s time to start putting in your spices

(how to prepare your very own homemade spices will be coming soon).

-Some spices to consider

                Goya ADOBO collection

7.       Once the beans are done frying with the spices, time to put in your coconut milk, yes coconut milk, no need to put too much, that means don’t put in the whole can, not even half the can, just enough to cover the beans.

8.       Let the beans simmer in the coconut milk for about a minute or two.

9.       Now it’s time to pour back the bean water back into the pot.

10.   Once you pour the bean water back make sure you check to see if it needs more salt (this truly depends on you).

11.   Now once the water begins to boil, you know it’s time to pour in your rice.

12.   When pouring the rice, you know you have enough once the rice makes a hat over the water.  Stir to make sure you haven’t been deceived. Pour as needed.

13.   Now let the rice cook in water for a little bit on High to medium heat.

14.   Once the water starts to disappear it’s time to cover the rice so it can steam.

15.   Let the rice cook and steam for about 30 to 40 minutes.

16.   Go and check to make sure your rice is cooked and if it is then your ready to eat!!!

17.   And if it’s edible then you have definitely done this right!!

Good luck!!!


  1. Oh by the way this is a caribbean recipe to make the rice and beans, and you can use pretty much use any beans some of the beans you have to boil and some of them you don’t. You usually have to boil those you find that are dry and in the bags in case you didn’t know!! Toodles

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