6 Steps on How to clean meat properly: poultry, beef, etc.

How to clean meat ? Do you have to clean meat?

How to clean meatSo many of us enjoy eating meat such as chicken, beef, etc. Many people believe it or not don’t really clean their meat and they just assume that that job has already been done for them. Well ladies and gentlemen, it is very important that prior to eating your meat, despite where it was purchased that you clean it.

So many people have been asking how to clean meat and should you clean your meat. Many times on TV we noticed that the chefs on the shows rarely clean the meat and many people wonders if they should do the same.

So how to clean meat exactly you ask?

Well techniques of course vary, some meats are easier to clean than others, and there are some meat that I personally would just stay away from.

Here are some of my techniques on how to clean meat:

      1. Remove meat from package
      2.  Place your meat in a bowl with vinegar, let it sit for about 20 minutes
      3. Remove vinegar and proceed to clean the meat with limes and/or sour oranges. Cut the limes in 3 pieces because that makes them easier to squeeze. Make sure that you rub the limes on the meat.  You can now let the limes sit in the meat for about 10 minutes, longer if you aren’t in a rush.
      4. While the limes are in the meat, boil some water in a pot.
      5.  Once your water is boiled you can now pour the water into the bowl that contains the meat.
      6. Once you remove your limes, and you drain the meat, you should have meat that smells fresh and is ready to be seasoned.

      Please don’t trust that the meats at the supermarkets are already prepped and ready to cook, it’s so much better that you do it yourself, because no one wants to eat stinky meat, or meat that hasn’t been properly cleaned.


      1. I Would Beleive That Cooking at high temperature would also help rmake sure that all the bacteria was off.

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