How You Prepare Homemade Soda Hinges On What You’re Expectations Are

The Fizz Giz soda maker uses food grade CO2 capsules to carbonate soda pop, and that’s just the right amount of carbon dioxide to fill a two-liter bottle. Each cartridge costs about a buck, and considering the cost of your flavorings, the total cost for producing two liters of soda pop would be just about a buck and a half. That’s approximately how much the price would be to go to the store and buy two liters of soda, so if you want nothing else but a way to prepare soda cheaper than you can buy it at the supermarket, the Fizz Giz is probably not for you.

Let’s take six packs into consideration. Six 12-ounce bottles has just a bit more than 2 liters of soda in it, so a single CO2 capsule could carbonate an entire six pack just as easily as a two-liter bottle. However, a six pack cost about $3.50, so if you produced a six pack of soda pop using the Fizz Giz, you’d be saving about two bucks. Of course people are spending more for six packs due to the fact that they are more convenient, and they don’t go flat the way a two-liter bottle does. So taking convenience into consideration, the Fizz Giz is beginning to seem like a pretty good bargain. You can take it with you wherever you go and refresh your sodas or invent new ones; or you could prepare a six pack or so ahead of time, so it’s always ready.

However, if you really hope to make the most out of the Fizz Giz, you’ve got to begin focusing your attention on custom drinks. That’s where it truly starts to shine. Think about it: Why go to the trouble of producing your own lemon-lime flavored soda, for example, when it’s so convenient to pick some up at the store? However with the Fizz Giz, you’re only limited to your imagination. You can use your own fresh fruits such as rasberries, peaches and pineapple. Mix up your recipe in a blender with a little water and some organic cane sugar. Throw it in the fridge for a bit and charge it up with the Fizz Giz, and you’re good to go.

You’ll discover after using the Fizz Giz a time or two that it truly does an outstanding job of carbonating. Maybe you’ve tried other home soda makers, and were unsatisfied because they failed to make your drink very fizzy. The truth is that they simply aren’t engineered to do very well at carbonating. If you’re hoping for good carbonation, you need some agitation, and that’s a fundamental step in the process of carbonation with the Fizz Giz. It’s also the fundamental reason why other home carbonators can’t compete with the Fizz Giz’s higher levels of CO2. One more reason the competition comes up short is because of dilution. They limit you to carbonating water and then later you can add your flavorings. That in effect dilutes the CO2. With the Fizz Giz there is no dilution, because it can be used to put the fizz in just about anything. You’re flavors are already mixed in, so every last drop of your drink gets carbonated — not just the water.

If all you’re after is to save money, go buy a two-liter from the store. However if you are serious about enjoying a super fizzy soft drink made with wholesome fresh fruit as you see fit, the Fizz Giz soda maker is what you’re looking for.

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