How to make lasagna?

Learn how to make lasagna the Haitian Way

Learn How to make Lasagna

There are so many different recipes for lasagna’s on the web, but the goal here at the things we talk about is to find the easiest way to make something. So here is my best take on how to make a delicious dish of lasagna. Note: This recipe is for everyone even those that are afraid to cook. Also this recipe is copyrighted.

Here it goes:

This recipe can be done two ways, one where meat is used and the other where no meat is used. It’s really up to you.

Without meat:


The Haitian Lasagna Recipe

1.  Chop up some onions,  green peppers, red peppers, fresh thyme.

2. Take a pot and pour in your Ragu sauce into the pot, while your ragu sauce begins to cook, take a box of mixed vegetables (frozen) and place it into your sauce.

3. Once that starts to cook, place your onions, green peppers, red peppers, fresh thyme into the sauce. Add some ADOBO Goya to the mix to give it that extra taste. Be careful not to put too much because it can make your sauce too salty.

4. Now while your sauce is simmering. Place another pot filled with water to boil and add some oil, and a little bit of salt.

5. The water shouldn’t take long to boil but once it is place your lasagna into the water. Make sure you place the lasagna one by one.

6. Now let the lasagna cook. Once that’s cooked, this is where it gets tricky, lasagna tends to stick together so you have to keep it in the water, let the water cool a little before sticking your hand in it.

7. Take your oven ware and spray it with PAM or butter spray, whichever you prefer.

8. Place your first layer of lasagna, next place the sauce on top. Now it’s time for your shredded cheese, I like to use different 3 different kinds and it really depends on how I feel. One cheese that is necessary to have is the Ricotta Cheese.

9. Place your ricotta cheese first and then add your shredded cheese on top. Now add your other layer of lasagna and continue this process.

10. Once you add all your layers, the very top layer should consist of the shredded cheese. Now it’s time to place it in the oven.

11. By the way, make sure your oven is preheated to 400 degrees. When your oven is preheated, the lasagna will be ready quicker.

12. Let it bake for about 30-35 minutes.

13. Once it’s bake, take it out of the oven, let it cool and then it will be ready to eat.

With meat:

Follow same steps just add meat to your sauce and let it cook a bit longer, remember cook it a medium heat, and add water as you go, not too much, because you want your sauce to be thick.

Good luck!

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