Healthy options for lunch!

What should I have for lunch, one of the most difficult decisions that so many people struggle with every day. Many times, people just settle for the easiest solution, which is Wendy’s, McDonald, Burker King, places where you can just basically drive thru. For the most part, unless you are ordering a salad, with lite dressing then this isn’t considered to be the best solution. Lunch can be enjoyable but healthy all at the same time and it can also be brought from home, to ensure that it is healthy and will be delicious. 

Some healthy options for  lunch, may be, a fruit salad. You can pre-prepare this the night before and pack it up and leave it in the fridge. The best part of this salad, is you decide what you want to go into it. You can also have some nuts, either cashews, peanuts, almonds, etc. 

Another alternative, would be of course a salad, either cesear salad, cobb salad, where you can put all the things you love. Some toppings for you salads can be cucombers, raisins, sliced apples, green peppers olives, whatever is you like or prefer really.

Another alternative, is a wrap. You can cook some chicken breast, or take some left over meat from last night’s dinner, or turkey slice, salami, roast beef, etc. and place some american, provolone, or swiss cheese, your preference really with your condiments and you have a delicious, tasty, and let me remind healthy wrap for for lunch. You can also bring along an apple, or an alternative fruit to have as well.

Soup, is also a good healthy lunch that many people like to enjoy, and they usually bring along a small side salad to enjoy. If you are going to purchase an already made soup, read the label package to ensure that it doesn’t contain MSG an high sodium. Remember you want it to be healthy. 

It’s important that when you trying to find things to eat for lunch, that your first priority is your health. No matter what you need to watch what it is you put into your body. Don’t overeat, but make smart, healthy choices.

Bon appetite!


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