Who went home on Dancing with the Stars, May 5, 2009?

I absolutely couldn’t believe who went home tonight on Dancing with the Stars.  Last night, I was certain it would have been Ty, but it wasn’t. The shocker was that it was Lil Kim, the female rapper that went home tonight on dancing with the stars. She did an amazing job while on the show and although I thought she did a much better job than Ty but that is to show that he actually has fans out there voting for him, I guess people really like the underdog. I won’t lie, my heart did go out to him in the very beginning of the show. Gilles Marini was the first they announced to be safe, then my girl Melissa and then Shawn Johnson. Ty did score the lowest and should have gone home, but who really knows what will happen on these shows, sometimes I think they do things just to shock the fans and keep people tuned in to see if there will be any dramatic surprises. Anyways this is the wrap up of what went down.

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